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Hymer Motorhome Sales

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

Are you looking for Hymer motorhome sales in Newcastle and Tyne and Wear? We offer a wide selection available.  

Depending on where you are preparing to take a trip to, a manoeuvrable, tiny or compact motorhome may be the most effective Choice. 

Motorhomes approximately 6 metres in size are small, portable and manoeuvrable. With a small motorhome, there are advantages when seeking a parking space or reservation ferryboat crossings. It also helps when it comes to pitches or slim passages, for example.

Small Hymer Motorhomes

Are you looking for a small motorhome under 6 metres in size? Then these motorhomes are perfect for you. You may likewise want a camper van, which is available from major brand name HYMERCAR: HYMERCAR campervans.


The HYMER van is compact and has some excellent features, including security and smart interior. There are many different models, and you can choose from our 2-4 seat Fiat or Mercedes Benz vehicles.

HYMER Exsis t 414 

The HYMER Exsis t 414 is great for travelling with family and friends. Our HYMER Exsis t 414 comes in many different car brands, including Citroen, Fiat and Fiat AL-KO. These 2-3 berth motorhomes are high-quality, lightweight and extremely practical.  

    Hymermobil B-Klasse DL 444 

    The 2017, 2 berth Hymermobil B-Klasse DL 444 is a Fiat Alko. It includes a garage and a large kitchen, manual transmission and a 2.3L engine size. The Hymermobil B-Klasse DL 444 also has a maximum load of 3.500kg.

      HYMER Van S 

      The HYMER Van S is a 2 berth, automatic 2018 vehicle. It can hold a maximum load of 3500kg, which is ideal for your family. The HYMER Van S runs on diesel and comes in a wide range of models.

        Hymermobil Exsis-i 504 

        The 3 berth, 2018 Hymermobil Exsis-i 504 is a Fiat Ducato or a Fiat Alko. It is an A-Class vehicle and is compact, which is great for travelling around smaller areas, and also for parking. 

          Travelling with no concessions yet an excellent sensation of space is enabled by motorhomes up to 7.5 metres in length. You can take a trip in style with all the mod cons in our huge motorhomes over 7.5 metres in length.

          Large Hymer motorhomes

          Large motorhomes in the dimension XL-- over a length of 7.50 metres-- supply every conceivable convenience. When it concerns your travel supplies and luggage, there's nothing you'll have to do without. Everything that you need on the road can be stored in the spacious lockers, cabinets and storage space areas, which come in all shapes and sizes. You'll find our comfortable motorhomes over 7.50 metres in length in these models: 

          HYMER T SL 704

          The 3 berth HYMER T SL 704 has a large lounge, single beds in the rear, and stunning interior inside and out. The HYMER T SL 704 has an automatic transmission and a 4,500kg weight capacity. 

          HYMER ML-T 620

          This 2-3 berth motorhome has automatic transmission, and a Mercedes Benz 2.2L engine. It comes with some amazing features, including rain sensors, a leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, and electrical floor heating. 

            HYMER DuoMobil B-SL 634

            The 4 berth HYMER DuoMobil B-SL 634 is very comfortable and introduces the new 'Duo Mobil' style. These motorhomes have manual transmission, a 3.0L engine size, and a 4,500kg weight capacity.

            Hymermobil ML-I 6202016 

            Hymermobil ML-I 620 motorhomes are 4 berth and have automatic transmission. They have a weight capacity of 4,200kg and have twin single beds. These motorhomes also have some excellent features, so you really feel like you're in a home away from home. 

             Hymermobil StarLine

            The Hymermobil StarLine motorhomes come in a wide range of different models, some with 4 berth and others with 6. There are Mercedes Benz vehicles, providing both comfort and luxury for your family holidays. 

              HYMER T SL 708

              These motorhomes have island beds, manual transmission, 4,500kg weight capacity, 4 seatbelts and are 2 berth. They come with ambience lighting, a flyscreen door, an aspire oven and cab air conditioning. 

              HYMER ML-T 630

              These Mercedes Benz motorhomes are 3 berth with 4 seatbelts, automatic transmission and an island bed. They are 7.79 metres in length and have a 2.2L engine. These motorhomes come fitted with fog lights, a panoramic skylight and cab central locking. 

              Hymermobil ML-I 620

              The A-Class 4 berth Hymermobil ML-I 620 motorhomes come with automatic transmission, alloy wheels, a large garage, electric windows, and a TV aerial. They have twin single beds and fitted Bluetooth hands-free. 

              Hymermobil B-Class PremiumLine

              With a Smart Tower fridge, an extra-wide door, and ambience lighting, these 4 berth motorhome models are perfect for a UK family getaway. They have a Fiat 3.0L engine and include 4 seatbelts. 

              Hymer Motorhome Dealers

              Guaranteeing that every single consumer is well cared for is our priority. At Auto-Trail Sales, there's no hard sell. Simply a relaxed and pleasant approach to finding you your excellent motorhome. The same goes for our aftersales service, with our thorough warranty to put your mind entirely at rest.

              We take pride in using just the absolute best top quality pre-owned vehicles.  We concentrate mainly on brand names within the Hymer Group. Contact us today for Hymer motorhome sales in Newcastle and Tyne on 01207 272777.

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