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Read our frequently asked questions to find out more about our motorhomes. We offer new and second hand motorhomes for sale throughout Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Motorhomes sales

There are a few things that can go into which is the best second-hand motorhome. The motorhome can be narrowed down into four selections. This includes Auto-Trail, Chausson, Hymer and Elddis manufacturers. 

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There are a few things that can affect the price of a motorhome. This can include its age, any issues that have been found through its life and any ongoing issues. Having a reasonably high mileage isn't too much to worry about as they are generally used to long-distance travelling.

Most of the more common motorhomes currently out there will hold their value for the long run. Many motorhomes after three years still have up to 70% of their original value. Their depreciation motorhomes compared to normal road vehicles are a lot better in total and lose less money.

Many are asking what the differences between a motorhome and a campervan are. There are some key differences between a campervan and a motorhome that includes performance and available space found in the vehicles.

Almost all of the seating space found in the campervan also turns into a bed, and the cooking facilities are somewhat limited within the campervan. The motorhome has separate sleeping arrangements and a bigger space altogether.

Another key difference is that the motorhome compartment for the driver is usually designed to be a separate space from the living areas. Different from the campervan where all is in one.

A brand new motorhome can start from anywhere between £45,000 to £50,000, related to a starting point of a house. Bigger motorhomes designed and created to house four or more people within can cost more than £100,000. The more you intend to have in your motorhome, the heavier it is, and more support is needed.

The cost of used motorhomes can vary depending on how old it is. Any damage found and more. For a decent motorhome, you can expect to pay around £20,000 for it but have around £30,000 is better as there could be more perks. This could make it easier on the road later on.

There are pros to buying a new and used motorhome. You can have your new motorhome custom-tailored to your requirements, and the engine will be brand new.

A used motorhome is generally prefered if you are working on a budget and cannot find a new motorhome within the budget. There is no need to spend too much time looking at the mileage as this doesn't always show much about the vehicle with the engines today. You can also get motorhome insurance that will cover many issues which may arise.

When weighing up the idea of a brand-new versus a used motorhome, there are pros and cons for each. A sparkling new motorhome offers you the opportunity to embrace the latest technology and top-notch facilities, not to mention that enticing new smell, which adds to the enjoyment.

Additionally, you can relax with the assurance of a full manufacturer's warranty. But such luxuries come at a cost, meaning a higher price tag. On the flip side, used motorhomes are usually cheaper and might provide better value for money. If it's well-maintained, a pre-owned vehicle could be a real bargain. 

Low profile motorhomes are the popular alternatives to a coach built motorhome. To allow for extra storage space, the overcab is removed. With the low profile motorhome, you have a sleek look, and the fuel consumption is lower than conventional motorhomes.

Indeed, Auto-Trail Sales offers a thorough history report for every pre-owned motorhome on its lot. This report includes critical details such as maintenance records and past accident histories. They believe in complete transparency, allowing you to understand the vehicle's history fully, and also aiding in making an informed decision. This comprehensive method ensures that you have complete confidence and peace of mind with your purchase.

They offer this service because Auto-Trail Sales values not just quality products, but also customer satisfaction. They are committed to providing you with a reliable, comfortable, and safe motorhome tailored to your specific needs.

At Auto-Trail Sales, when you purchase one of our new motorhomes, you can rest assured knowing it comes with a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. This means that any faults or required repairs within the warranty period will be covered.

The extent and duration of these warranties vary based on the model and manufacturer, but each motorhome carries substantial coverage to protect your investment. Often, used motorhomes may have limited warranties or are sold under an "as is" condition, making it vital to thoroughly check the specific terms before purchase. With us, you receive complete peace of mind knowing you're covered.

We're proud to deliver flexible and accommodating financing options that suit both new and used motorhome purchases. This means that whether you're looking for a brand-new model or a charming pre-loved motorhome, we have a finance solution that meets your needs.

Our interest rates, however, are not fixed. They're determined by an individual's credit rating and the length of the agreed financing term. We strongly recommend potential buyers to seek pre-approval. This helps you understand your budget, the potential rates you can expect and thus aids in making a well-informed decision about your motorhome purchase.

Begin by looking for signs of wear and tear both inside and outside. Check for any indications of rust or water damage, as these can cause significant problems down the line. On the inside, make sure that all appliances are in working order and that the electrical systems function correctly.

Look at the condition of the tyres too, and don't forget to inspect the engine. It may seem like a lot, but remember, these motorhomes are hefty investments. Thus, considering a professional inspection could be beneficial. Professionals could uncover potential issues not immediately noticeable, helping you avoid unexpected costs later.

When considering buying a motorhome, it's not just the initial purchase price you need to think about. Other costs can add up quite quickly too. These can include insurance for the motorhome, which can vary depending on the model and your own personal details. Road tax is another cost, which is based on the emission levels of the motorhome.

Additionally, there are sometimes maintenance costs, especially with older models. There's also the cost of registering the motorhome, which can vary. So when budgeting, keep these additional costs in mind so you aren't caught out by unexpected expenses.

When considering buying a motorhome, it's not just the initial purchase price you need to think about. Other costs can add up quite quickly too. These can include insurance for the motorhome, which can vary depending on the model and your own personal details. Road tax is another cost, which is based on the emission levels of the motorhome.

Additionally, there are sometimes maintenance costs, especially with older models. There's also the cost of registering the motorhome, which can vary. So when budgeting, keep these additional costs in mind so you aren't caught out by unexpected expenses.

Absolutely, trade-in options are very much available at Auto-Trail Sales. This fantastic service allows you to bring your current motorhome or other type of vehicle to us for a comprehensive valuation. Based on the condition and market value of your vehicle, we could potentially offset the determined value against the total cost of your brand-new motorhome.

This not only alleviates some burden from your pocket but also makes owning a new motorhome more financially plausible for you. By choosing Auto-Trail Sales, you can utilise your old vehicle to help you on your journey to new adventures.

At Auto-Trail Sales, we offer an extensive selection of motorhome brands catering to a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you're in the market for a brand-new model or a budget-friendly used motorhome, we've got you covered. Our popular brands encompass Swift, Bailey, and Auto-Trail among others. 

Also, the specific popular models that we stock can change depending on the year and the availability. Our knowledgeable sales team is at your disposal to provide more detailed information about our current stock. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 01207 272777 for any inquiries or to arrange a viewing.

Like any mode of transport, a new motorhome undergoes depreciation as soon as it is driven out from the dealership. Most new motorhomes lose roughly 20% of their value within the initial twelve months. This is a significant drop, but over time, this rate of depreciation does slow down considerably.

This is why used motorhomes usually hold their value better than brand-new ones. Of course, this holds true only if the motorhome is properly maintained and treated well. Therefore, making sure your motorhome undergoes regular checks and fixes is crucial in conserving its resell value.

Purchasing a motorhome is a significant decision and there are some special factors you should consider. The weight of the motorhome is particularly important as it may require a specific driving license. The heftier the vehicle, the more likely it is that a special license will be required. 

Moreover, different areas have diverse regulations about where motorhomes can be parked and used. These vary from one place to another, so it's crucial to familiarise yourself with these details. Researching these matters before your purchase can save you from unexpected problems. Remember, thorough knowledge is key to a smooth motorhome experience.

Hymer Motorhomes

With so many motorhome manufacturers out there, many things to consider before making a decision. Hymer is a brand known for mobile travel and leisure vehicles as they cover all aspects from comfort to safety.

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The Hymer motorhomes that are manufactured can be found in Germany. The Hymer company was created at the start of the last century. Now, the company produces a range of vehicles and motorhomes that go from standard models to luxurious ones with the added benefit of technological advancements in motorhomes.

There are a few different engines that are used in Hymer motorhomes. The current engine being used is a Mercedes-Benz, which can supply around 177HP as a diesel engine. This engine is optimised for fuel consumption and has a combination with the new 6-speed manual transmission.

Chausson Motorhomes

Chausson motorhomes have done a good job at making the motorhome compact and comfortable at the same time. They do well to make the vehicle have comfortable seats for the journey and provide enough space for each person.

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The Chausson is a French brand, and these motorhomes are manufactured in Tournon sur Rhone, which is in the heart of Rhone Valley.

Chausson motorhomes are generally well winterised as the standard with their heating.

Autotrail Motorhomes

Autotrail motorhomes are one of the most known in the UK and have been part of the UK for some time. The Trigano Group creates the motorhomes, and they maintain a good relationship with Fiat as they are a leading motorhome chassis manufacturer.

On standard, the auto-trail are good for their value as they provide enough space for a couple and contain the normal necessities such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.

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Elddis Motorhomes

The Erwin Hymer Group are the people who manufacture Elddis motorhomes. The Erwin Hymer Group is a German group with a good reputation for making affordable and honest motorhomes within the UK.

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Although some things might need to be changed, motorhomes are good for their value and will provide great relief to those who wish to get away for a short time. With this being said, the price can vary depending on the model you get.